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About Me
Hi there! My name is Vincent, and I'm a tech nut.

I love to teach others everything I know about technology. Some of my website visitors think I'm great! Especially my girlfriend :)

So, browse around the site and read my dropplets. They are short, punchy and filled with useful information.

Yeah, I know that they're usually spelled "droplets", with a single "p", but that domain name was already taken when I started this site, get it?

And with so many Tumblr, Flickr, etc. famous site names floating around, I thought that nobody will notice it.

But you, sir, had to ruin my day! Well, since I feel slightly offended, I won't ask you to contact me. Never! :)

Vincent McFarland. All rights reserved.

Yes, this is my picture. I had to apply an image effect and disguise myself, in case that I owe you some money.