Welcome to an Easier Way to Blog

Introducing Dropplets, a fresh platform dedicated to making blogging simple again. With no database, you can install Dropplets in seconds on any server, compose offline using markdown, then simply upload to publish.

30 Second Installation

Installing Dropplets can be accomplished in about 30 seconds or under. Just download the latest version, extract "dropplets.zip", then upload the extracted files to your server. Load your website in any browser and then follow the prompts to finish.

Compose in Markdown

Markdown is a text formatting syntax inspired by plain text. It is extremely simple, memorizable and visually lightweight from a composition standpoint. With Dropplets you can use any text editor to compose your posts offline in markdown format.

Upload to Publish

When you're ready to publish your post, simply change your post status to "published" and then upload your markdown file (e.g. "my-post-title.md") using the Dropplets uploader. Dropplets will then automatically format and publish your post.

Template Marketplace

Dropplets ships with 1 free template which is activated by default on installation. If you're looking for more, you can purchase any one of the premium templates right from the Dropplets marketplace. Also, if you're a designer/developer, you shouldn't have any issues at all creating your own templates using the default as a guide.

Free and Open

Dropplets is open source and free software licensed under the MIT. If you are a developer and would like to help me make Dropplets better, please do drop by GitHub. I'm good at creating concepts like Dropplets, but I'm not a developer so I'm sure there are several ways we can make Dropplets better together.

Created With Love

I'm Jason Schuller, and I make simple things. I created the concept for Dropplets because I wanted a simple blogging platform that just does one thing well. Dropplets isn't a CMS, it's just for pure blogging and absolutely nothing more.

View a Demo

Still not convinced? You can check out live demo at any time using the link below. Settings and post publishing functionality have been disabled in the demo for security purposes, but it will still give you a good idea as to how it all looks and works.

Comments or Questions?

If you've run into a snag, found a bug or just have general comments or questions, feel free to either post an issue on GitHub, or just send an email below.