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If you are an English teacher, I explain why I chose this domain name (and not here. However, if you are a guy or girl who is interested in learning more about the Internet and various technologies, I guarantee that you may like this website.

I create very concise, and yet useful guides that turn regular people into tech gurus. Here are the most recent dropplets that I have written especially for you.

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How to find your lost Android phone
It could happen anytime, and to anyone! Your phone is missing, and you can't tell if you left it at home, in the restaurant, or if somebody stole it from you. Android users were able to utilize Android Device Manager for quite a few years now, but Google has recently introduced a much easier to use option - Find My Device - which is very similar with Apple's Find my iPhone.
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How to protect your Wi-Fi network
Did you know that your neighbor, or (more often) a passerby may have access to your precious computer data right now? According to Data Alliance, the highest risks come from individuals who use wardriving, installing freely available hacking software on regular laptops, and then patrolling around people's homes, with the goal of connecting to their Wi-Fi networks.
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Preparing for a hard disk failure
Hard drives are amongst the most sensitive hardware components, so they can fail quite often. Modern SSDs don't have any moving parts, though, so they should be more reliable, at least in theory. Nevertheless, even solid-state drives can get damaged every now and then. Here's what you should do if your hard drive isn't working as expected.
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